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Information for Parents

1. Will my child be safe while they are studying abroad?

We recognize that safety is a matter of utmost concern for parents when their child expresses an interest in studying in a foreign country. As part of our pre-departure orientation, you and your student will be given an overview of the university’s various safety precautions, and what they can do personally to ensure they have a safe, fun, and enjoyable study abroad experience. In addition, once our students arrive in the pre-approved country of their choosing, they will again go through an extensive on-site orientation where safety precautions will again be reinforced. For the Prato campus, we have an after-hours emergency phone number available for students and all students can call the University of New Haven Police Department to receive assistance in the event of an emergency. We also enroll all of our students in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which will send important information from the Embassy about safety conditions in their destination country.

2. Who is responsible for my student while they are studying abroad?

The University does everything in our power to ensure your student is safe and healthy while abroad by providing comprehensive information before and during their experience. For Prato campus, we provide your student with an Emergency Information Card before they depart containing a number of in-country personnel and other local emergency numbers for them to contact should they run into any difficulties. Non-Prato students can contact the University of New Haven Police Department for immediate assistance. Additionally, we have on-site staff to assist your student as they adapt and acclimate to the host culture.

Although we do everything we can to prepare students and keep them informed of health and safety information, it is ultimately your student’s responsibility to follow suggestions and guidelines, just as it is their responsibility at home campus.

3. How can I get in touch with my child while they are abroad?

There is a variety of ways to keep in touch with your child. Mostly commonly families choose to use “WhatsApp” and “Viber,” which are international communication applications that provide text messaging, video calling and audio calls through the use of Wi-Fi. Other options are email, and social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. In addition, the university will provide your student with an Italian sim card, temporary cell phone, and cell phone plan so they can contact home and their new classmates in their host country.

4. How much does it cost to study abroad?

Each program varies in price, but they are more affordable than you might think. The semester in Prato is similar in price to a semester’s tuition, room, and board on campus (minus airfare). Many students are also still eligible to receive financial aid while they are abroad; we recommend discussing these options with the Financial Aid Department. Airfare and pocket money for traveling and souvenirs are not included in the program fees. For summer and intersession programs, many, but not all meals are included.

5. Will there be a pre-departure orientation?

Yes! Students are REQUIRED to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation. It is held on campus during the semester prior to your semester abroad. Friends and family are welcome to join.