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Side Travel Registration

The 5 W's of Side Travel
(Plus an "if" and "how")

Who: All students participating in a University of New Haven sponsored program (Prato, faculty-led, etc.) must notify us of their side travel. 

What: Study abroad side travel is any time a University of New Haven student spends an overnight anywhere other than their university arranged housing. 

Where: You will have to let us know where you are going, how you are getting there, where you are sleeping, and when to expect you to return to university arranged housing. 

When: You must register your side travel at least 24 hours before your side travel is to begin. 

Why: It is important for us to know where you will be at all times in the event there is a health or security emergency so that we can provide you with necessary support. 

If: If you fail to report your side travel through this online system, you may be dismissed from a program at your own expense.

How: Registering your side travel is easy. Follow this easy to use guide or contact us at should you have any questions.
How to Register your Study Abroad Travel.pdf

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