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For all new applicants, please browse the programs menu in the above bar before requesting a login. Once you have selected a program, please use the apply now button (if available for the application cycle) or choose request information. Depending on whether you are a University of New Haven student (internal applicant) or an external user, the process is slightly different. Please follow the instructions below for your appropriate application type:

University of New Haven Students (internal applicants):
  1. Using your campus secure login information - If you have been issued a campus email and password, and are able to login to MyCharger using this information, after clicking on Apply Now or Request Information, please select the option for "I have a username and password". In the username field, please use your University of New Haven user name (please note, this is not your full email address. If your email address consists of, your user name is just the student part). For the password field, please enter your University of New Haven password. If your information has been synchronized with our system, you will be given an option indicating that you are trying to login using a University of New Haven ID and a prompt asking you to create a profile using the information you have just entered. Please choose yes and continue with the application process.
  2. Logging in as an external user - Some students, especially new students or incoming freshman or transfer applicants, may receive an error message when trying option 1 above. This usually occurs when your campus profile has not yet been created or synchronized with our application system. If you have tried option 1 and received an error, please go back to the program, click apply now and choose the "I do not have login credentials for this site" option. When creating a profile, please enter your full email address ( preferably) and a password. During your profile creation process, you will asked to select a home institution. Please choose one of the schools listed (it will not affect your application as it will be changed to reflect your student status shortly). You will then be allowed to continue with the application process

Non-University of New Haven applicants (external users) - Before requesting a login, please be certain that you have chosen a program you wish to apply for before requesting a login to our site. When you have chosen your program, click apply now and at the login screen, please choose the option for "I do not have login credentials to this site". Enter your full email address and make sure that your home institution has been selected.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please send an email to